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SolarHub32 (2k) - LED Strip

SolarHub32 (2k) - LED Strip

SKU SHS19794
Total Price: £149.99


The solar light kit is a fantastic choice for cost effective and environmentally friendly outdoor lighting. With its 2 powerful LED Strips, you receive mains quality lighting with no ongoing costs.

This outdoor lighting kit uses the sun's rays to power lighting for workshops or sheds. The large solar panel attaches to the shed's roof or wall via the handy bracket. A quality 2.5m cable transports the power from the solar panel to the central hub which contains a strong 2000mAH battery to store the electricity. The central hub is compact, fitting easily into a shed or workshop. (A separate bracket to keep the hub extra secure can also be purchased). This clever hub has multiple power outputs - including USB, lightning and 12v - to power smartphones, tablets, TVs and other devices. The powerful battery will offer up to 6 hours of continuous light from both LED Strips. The solar strips contain 300 Lumen LED bulbs each which generate the same quality power as a standard mains light.

Installing the Solar light kit is simple, taking only 15 minutes. It is then covered by a 2 year manufacturer's guarantee.

Product Code: SHS19794