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SolarHub32 (2k) - LED Bulb

SolarHub32 (2k) - LED Bulb

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The outdoor SolarHub 32 Solar light kit is a clever solution to outdoor lighting without the need for mains power. By converting the sun's power, the Solar kit supports two large light bulbs, ideal for any shed or workshop.

This kit removes the hassle of installing mains power to a shed or workshop, saving money and time. The power is supplied via a large solar panel that is attached to the roof or outside wall with the handy bracket. The panel absorbs the sun's rays and, via a 2.5m cable, sends the power to a central hub.

The central power hub's powerful 2000mAH battery can store up to 6 hours of light each day, all year round. The solar lighting kit is even more useful as the power hub can charge phones, tablets and even fans or pumps with its 2 USB, 2 Lightning ports and a 12v power outlet. 

Once installed, the 2 powerful 300 Lumen LED Bulbs can be positioned as needed around the shed. Two bulbs mean that two rooms can be filled with light, the large solar panel accommodating for higher output. The 5m connection cord allows freedom when positioning the lights and with cable fixers there are never hanging cables.

The SolarHub 32 Solar light kit includes everything needed for assembly and requires no complex tools. Installation can be completed in under 20 minutes, thanks to the basic but clever design. Once fitted, the kit is covered by a 2 year manufacturer's guarantee.

Product Code: SHS19797