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SolarHub32 (10k) - LED Strip

SolarHub32 (10k) - LED Strip

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This Solar Light kit is brand new to the market this season and utilises fantastic technology which provides you with a reliable light source without the need for mains electricity. Using a powerful solar panel and 4 large LED strips, any outside building can be illuminated with no further costs.

The SolarHub 10k light kit LED bulb is a brilliant choice for anyone who requires outdoor lighting but wishes to keep their environmental impact on the world low. The kit provides you with mains quality lighting by absorbing the suns rays and then converting that into re-usable electricity. The large solar panel fits to your shed incredibly easily using a bracket.

This then absorbs the suns energy so we suggest you place it on the side of the shed that gets the most sunlight throughout the day. The suns rays then are converted into power which is sent to a central hub that houses a 1000maH battery which has a huge storage capacity. This wire is 2.5m long and therefore makes it really easy to set up and then store the central hub in the shed safe away from damage.

The SolarHub 10k light kit LED bulb uses the central hub in order to power the four large LED strips that connect via cables. The 10000mAH battery provides you with a minimum of 6 hours of lighting daily which is sufficient for those who are frequent users. The central hub has multiple outputs that will allow you to charge all sorts of devices including smart phones, tablets and even power low power TV’s. The hub features USB sockets, Lightning sockets as well as 12v power outlets. Powering the lights are 300 Lumen LEDs which are responsible for giving you the high light output.

Fitting the SolarHub 10k light kit LED bulb is incredibly simple and will take only around 15 minutes. Once the kits been delivered you can fit it instantly and thanks to the 2 year guarantee you are safe for the first two years in case anything happens.

Product Code: SHS19795