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SolarHub32 (10k) - LED Bulb

SolarHub32 (10k) - LED Bulb

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The SolarHub 32 10k Solar light kit is an incredibly clever addition to any outdoor garden building. For those who have large outdoor buildings such as sheds, workshops or garages, adding mains electricity is an expensive and time consuming option. Instead, this solar kit will remove provide high quality lighting with no ongoing costs and minimal installation time.

The extra large solar panel fits to the roof with the included bracket.  It then absorbs the sun's rays converting them into usable electricity. The solar panel is connected to a powerful central hub via a long 5m cable.  The small central hub contains a powerful 10000mAH battery which stores the energy. The battery can hold enough charge for up to 6 hours of light a day.

To make the central hub even more useful, it features 2 lightning ports, 2 USB sockets and a 12v socket. The ability to charge and use devices inside the building is a fantastic addition to this solar lighting kit and suits the needs of users in today’s world. 

Four powerful 300 Lumen Light bulbs are supplied with the kit. The bulbs can be placed in different rooms or areas with ease due to the 2.5m cables between each bulb . The high quality bulbs offer mains standard lighting.

The entire installation will take approximately 15 minutes using the easy to follow instructions.  The kit is also covered by a manufacturer's 2 year warranty.

Product Code: SHS19798