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SolarHub16 - LED Strip

SolarHub16 - LED Strip

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Through ground breaking technology, the Solar light kit LED Strip provides renewable energy for any outside shed or workshop. This outdoor lighting kit powers an LED Strip inside the garden building, providing working light all year round.

The outstanding solar light kit is a cost effective and environmentally friendly way of avoiding the expensive and difficult process of connecting a garden building to mains electricity. A large solar panel  absorbs the sun's rays and turn them into usable electricity by charging a 2000mAH battery inside the hub. A handy bracket is supplied to fit the panel securely to the roof or wall. A high quality 5m cable is then used to connect the solar panel to the central power hub, transporting the electricity between the two.

The central hub is a small box containing the powerful battery to power the LED Strip. A brilliant feature of the hub is that it can also charge phones and other devices via the USB output and there is also a 12v plug that can run fans and 12v TVs.

This Solar light kit LED Strip includes a powerful light strip containing 300 lumens. This strip is attached to the ceiling or wall and is connected via a 2.5m cable that runs from the hub to the light strip. The 2000mAH battery will offer 6 hours of continuous LED light without any other devices running.

Installation of the entire solar hub takes less than 15 minutes. Once installed it is covered by a 2 years manufacturer's warranty.

Product Code: SHS19793