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SolarHub16 - LED Bulb

SolarHub16 - LED Bulb

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This fantastic SolarHub 16 Solar light kit is a revolutionary product that removes all the hassle of setting up electricity in your outdoor space.

The solar light kit is a very clever piece of technology which uses solar power, catching the sun's rays and converting them into re-usable energy. Therefore, this light kit never requires mains power, eliminating the need for the expensive process of adding electricity to your workshop or shed. The solar panel is attached to the roof of the outdoor building by the supplie handy bracket.  The panel is then connected to a power hub inside the shed.

The 2.5m cable is easily fed through a hole or opening to connect the solar panel to the power hub inside the shed. The hub is small enough to be hidden away avoiding damage but has a high capacity 2000mAH power battery which stores the electricity when converted. The battery can provide up to 6 hours of light per day throughout the whole year, enough for the average user. This powers the single LED Light bulb that can be positioned anywhere within 5 metres of the hub.

This kit not only provides light but also has power outputs including 2 lightning ports, 2 USBs and a 12v socket. Charge devices such as phones, tablets, as well use pumps etc - perfect for this day and age.

Fitting the SolarHub 16 solar light kit is incredibly simple, using the easy to follow instructions that come with delivery. It requires no complex tools and can be set up in less than ten minutes. It also benefits from the manufacturer's two-year warranty.

Product Code: SHS19796