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SolarHub Mains Charger

SolarHub Mains Charger

SKU SHS19805
Total Price: £29.99


This SolarHub charger is a practical and functional add-on to have when ordering a solar hub kit, providing mains back up power for those periods of the year when the sun is at its minimum.

The SolarHub charger is perfect for the winter months as it allows the central power hub to be plugged in and charged up, meaning you are not relying on the sun's power. This means no days/nights where you have no lighting which will disrupt your outdoor work time. The mains charger allows you to always have a charged battery and allows you to continue using tvs and other devices running from the battery, even in the gloomy months.

The SolarHub charger is something we strongly advise when ordering your solar hub kit. For a little cost, it can provide you with complete peace of mind and makes sure you never get caught out in the dark. With a 2 year warranty too, you are given extra value and peace of mind.

Product Code: SHS19805