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Metal Wall Bracket for all SolarHub

Metal Wall Bracket for all SolarHub's

SKU SHS19802
Total Price: £21.99


The SolarHub wall bracket is a handy add on to your solar hub purchase that will protect the central hub for longer. 

The SolarHub wall bracket is not included when ordering your SolarHub kit and has to be selected as an accessory. We do strongly advise the addition of the bracket as it will greatly reduce the chance of damage, as it can safely secure the central power hub to an area of the shed. The bracket is made from a strong metal that is drilled into any section you wish.

All solar hubs are supported by this SolarHub wall bracket and therefore you do not need to worry about finding the proper size. Once the bracket has been delivered it can be fitted to any spot within the shed in a matter of minutes.

Product Code: SHS19802