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LED 3000 Lumen Light Strip

LED 3000 Lumen Light Strip

SKU SHS19799
Total Price: £14.99


Available here is the powerful LED strip light that when powered, offers very bright lighting for any outside space.

The LED strip light is part of the SolarHub package, the actual LED strip that will offer the light when power is supplied. How many you receive is down to which package you order and you may be looking to add an extra LED strip light in order to increase the overall light in your outside space. This may be due to you having more than one room and wanting to support both rooms with your SolarHub kit.

However, if you want to add another LED strip light then you will need to purchase an additional cable which will allow you to hook the strip up together with your power hub. You may also need to replace a broken LED strip and therefore this is the right product you need.

The LED strip light can be fitted in 30 seconds and fits to the ceiling or wall incredibly easy. Adding extra light strips may reduce the output of other lights as more power is being consumed so please remember that.

The LED strip light comes with two years warranty.

Product Code: SHS19799