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Spear and Jackson Elements Border Spade

Spear and Jackson Elements Border Spade

SKU SHS19983
Total Price: £19.99

Detailed Specification

Material Hardened Carbon Steel
Width 145 mm 5.7"
Height 955 mm 3'2"
Depth 90 mm 3.5"
Guarantee 10 years


The Spear & Jackson Elements Border Spade is designed for general digging and cultivation and has a smaller sized blade which makes it an ideal tool for working in confined spaces such as garden borders. The smaller blade also makes this spade lighter than a digging spade. A 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee is offered with this product, making it excellent value for money.

A weatherproof ash shaft offers additional protection and it is finished with a forward tilting soft grip handle at the ideal angle for digging. The spade has a hardened, hammer-finished, powder-coated, carbon steel blade and socket; this improves strength, durability and offers resistance to rust, scratches, humidity and alkalis that are found within soil.


Product Code: SHS19983